What is Media Therapy

Media Therapy is a process that relieves the disorder and chaos associated with DAM, MAM, and data management strategy and implementation projects. It helps individuals and organizations simplify technology, hone choices, affect positive change, engage stakeholders, and improve not only software adoption but improves satisfaction and use.

A Media Therapist is a facilitator: someone who makes progress easier. As a neutral player, a facilitator is defined as one who helps to bring about the outcome by providing indirect assistance, guidance, and supervision to understand common objectives and assist planning and achievement.

The bottom line: a media therapist helps get things done facilitating actionable steps that stakeholders own and embrace to implement digital and media asset management initiatives across diverse silos within a single organization(s). Change management occurs as part of the process not after resulting in organizational transparency, project focus, clear deliverables, budgets, and timelines.

A good media therapist is like rough coarse sandpaper at the onset of a project and soon enough when it is a fine grain, you and your organization have transitioned to full project ownership and now the media therapist’s role can move to that of an advisor.