It’s Effective

Media Therapy gives people a safe and secure place to problem solve and express concerns, issues, and voice opportunities freely without the risk of judgments. It increases awareness that in turn helps the organization and individuals to gain a better understanding of their peers and other constituents as well as their own needs, thoughts, and feelings in relation to the problems at hand.

The process allows the facilitator and various levels of stakeholders to establish realistic goals that they want to achieve, define how to engage, explore and entertain new understandings, cultivate and improve internal and external vendor relationships. It promotes action and decision making.

Making meaningful choices that affect the wellbeing of each functional area as well as across the organization increases operational success and ownership. By jointly determining the issues and ways to tackle the playing field is changed. No longer is ‘DAM’ an outsider it is something to engage with and explore.

Managing digital assets improves access and use. It helps an organization’s ability to monetize its assets, reduce production costs, improve workflows, automate content distribution, manage rights/licenses, and more if it is implemented with a strategy, governance, budget and human resources.  Media Therapy effectively helps you to adapt and adopt not only the technology but also the practices and processes around it.

In many cases Media Therapy simplifies the many consultant reports and recommendations that were implemented or partially implemented or weren’t implemented and now are outdated or just need to be dusted off and acted upon.

Media Therapy helps bridge the resource gaps between your own internal team, professional services and the vendor. The process also helps you hone in roles and create realistic job scopes to promote from within or hire to manage your initiative ongoing.

Good therapy at the end of the day should be tailored to you and your experiences and drive action and organizational ownership.